The AK-47 rifle is not a suitable weapon for use by a hunter, unless they enjoy cracking a dental filling from one of the 40 bullets this deadly weapon can shoot in a few seconds.

It would be a very expensive weapon for those who enjoy target shooting due to the expensive bullets, which are designed to tumble, which causes massive tissue damage upon impact. This weapon has only one purpose, kill the most people in the least amount of time.

I believe this gun should no longer be sold to anyone in the United States, as it was until 2004. Only then will we feel safe in a movie theater, Walmart store, shopping center, church, music concert or any place where more than 12 people are present. There have been 255 mass shootings in the last seven months.

Why have our national politicians turned a deaf ear to the numerous anti-assault rifle organizations, and you? One reason, the National Rifle Association. According to the Open Secrets website, in 2018 the NRA has contributed enough money to those politicians, $30 million to Donald Trump and $3,148,158 to Louisiana representatives, that they can force these chosen leaders to defy the wishes of their constituents. Part of the solution to this disaster is today to call your representatives and advise them you will be watching their voting record on this national disaster, those voting figures should be printed in all newspapers.

Charles L. Seaman, OD


Baton Rouge