I would like to underline the letter recently published by Barbara Forrest criticizing U.S. Sens. John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy for their silence about inhumane treatment of immigrants at our southern border. I have taught Louisiana history at Our Lady of Holy Cross University for 15 years, and my training at Columbia and UNC clearly tells me that our melting pot and land of refuge requires all descendants of refugees to be sensitive and supportive of those who presently seek to find a better life in the USA. Unfortunately, we currently have a political party in power with no sense of history, and even more unfortunate is that people in that party, like Louisiana’s senators, have chosen to support such a policy. We can be certain that such a political position is “on the wrong side of history,” and when future generations read about this horrible chapter of American history, Louisiana’s senators will be part of the shameful group that ignored part of the mission of our republic.

David Goldberg

Letters: What would Jesus say to Cassidy and Kennedy?


New Orleans