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A billboard welcomes drivers to the "Future City of St. George" on Coursey Boulevard near Sherwood Commons, Tuesday, September 10, 2019, in Baton Rouge, La.

As subscribers, we were appalled to see your recent editorial on the front page. Not only on the first page, but political, and suggesting to your readers how they should vote on the right of the St. George community to establish its own city.

Our Views: We urge Baton Rouge voters to reject the separate city of St. George

We all know that the opposition you address and the leaders of East Baton Rouge Parish address is due to the fear of losing the tax base, in other words, dollars, if the new city is established. We also know that the public schools in Baton Rouge are not what they used to be. View the exodus of this city's residents to Ascension, Livingston, etc. As a newspaper, it is not your duty to address this without addressing the others' point of view. Next, you will be telling us who we should not vote for politically.

You are a part of the news media, and as such, should not be advocating your opinion on how to vote; this is not what people buy your paper for. It is for "unbiased" news, not for editorials of this nature, and to lure people into voting a certain way. This is not your concern or duty. Yours is to print factual, unbiased news.

Maybe you should consult the dictionary as to what the meaning of journalism is.

Carole O'Neil

makeup artist and teacher

Baton Rouge