I disagree with privatization of health care. The main reason is that the people are the ones who get shortchanged.

Private companies tell you which providers you can see, and this is not freedom of choice!

Just do your homework on insurance companies and their subcontractors, and you will see that the middleman paper pushers are making millions of dollars which come from increased premiums and decreased provider payments.

Remember that insurers are exempt from anti-trust, and their subcontractors are unregulated, and this is where the money shift is going.

For example, pharmacy benefit managers are not transparent, and the big top three are in the Fortune 500 top 25!

It’s all smoke and mirrors, and bureaucrats allow this to happen! No wonder why the state relies on experts and numbers. They also need to do their homework and find out the truth about how much money they make and are just pulling monies out of the system which should be passed on to the premium payers ... the people!