When I turned on my television to get the latest election results on Nov. 13, I saw LaToya Cantrell accepting her second term with a rousing speech about all that was good in New Orleans. I was struck by the irony of my frustration due to the dysfunction of city services.

A month ago, an abandoned car with no plates was deposited in front of my garage, blocking access. We called 311 to report. Nothing happened. We called the parking/towing department, nothing happened. We called the abandoned vehicle department, still nothing.

Each department was given the required information on the vehicle as well as the address, VIN number, and a picture. Since there are no plates on the car a ticket cannot be issued. As such, the towing department won't tow without a ticket. The abandoned car department won’t send an officer to tag the car.

It's a merry-go-round of dysfunction. The people we spoke to at each department were polite and seemingly professional. I have no beef with the people who represented each department.

We expected that someone would finally decide to take action to remove the car. (Private towing companies won't tow a car without plates and a salvage yard won't accept a car without plates.)

A week after Cantrell's glowing election day assessment of our city, the car remains blocking my driveway and garage. Her enthusiastic words of praise for New Orleans rings hollow for tax-paying voters like me.

Anyone want a 2001 Lincoln Town Car, executive edition? VIN number available upon request. Come and get it.



New Orleans