After all the discussion and articles concerning removing the long-standing memorial monuments to Civil War figures, the question is why? What really prompted the mayor to go on an all-out crusade on an issue that is as divisive as this is? When were historical monuments ever referred to as a “nuisance” in order to justify their removal?

The Civil War, regardless of one’s position, did happen, and removing monuments won’t change history, regardless how painful it was.

Political pandering as defined in the Urban Dictionary: a manipulative device used by politicians to agree and support the popular view of a particular group or groups of people in order to secure their vote. Although the philosophy or interest of this particular politician is not necessarily in tune with that particular group, he or she will appear as though he or she agrees with a particular group, particularly for upcoming elections, in order to win his or her seat. My bet — U.S. Sen. Mitch Landrieu.

Charles Poche


New Orleans