On a recent Saturday, my wife and I left our house in the car to run errands and eat breakfast. The Mardi Gras Mambo race, that we knew nothing about, had made its way to Kleinert Avenue. Usually when there is a race, there is a direction to go that will get us out to the other side. Not today! We were trapped in a big neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods for about 50 minutes. The police officer that we talked to said that there were over 2,000 runners, and that we were just out of luck to get across the race to freedom. He said, “Buddy, you can just park over there and wait.”

There were many cars, three to seven at a time, at most of the intersections trying to leave. This has got to be against our rights as citizens to be held captive in Baton Rouge. I guess that if my house was on fire, the BRFD may have been let through.

This action takes no mind of my rights or other people’s rights to get up and go to soccer games, birthday parties, plan garage sales, doctor visits or life in general.

We have way too many races through our neighborhood, but until now, we have been able to get out.

All races that slow traffic in an area should require a leaflet left on the front door two weeks before the race.

No races should entirely lock citizens totally in with no access to the rest of the world!

Toliver Bozeman

corporate pilot

Baton Rouge