The Rev. Arceneaux, using his position as a priest, attempts to sell us the lie that Joe Biden, who is not in communion with the Catholic Church, is more pro-life than Donald Trump. This is not true.

In 2017 there were over 862,000 abortions in the U.S.; in the same year, 23 people were executed for murdering others. Abortion is an intrinsic evil according to the church, capital punishment is not. The unborn have no voice or due process; even if the father wants the child, men of free will who murder do have a voice. You can have a position on the death penalty but it isn't equal to that of the evils of abortion.

The reverend also perpetuates the lie of children in cages at the border, a program actually started by President Obama and ended by President Trump. I suggest he spend some time knowing the history of issues before he opines on them.

Speaking of "pro-life" issues, he fails to mention the utter decay of society in the Democratic-run cities. The waste of God-given human potential as they keep the Black community in perpetual states of poverty, soaring crime rates, homelessness, substandard schools, etc. He also fails to mention that while only about 14% of the U.S. population is Black; Black women account for 36% of abortions nationwide.

And while the reverend speaks about the "pro life" in temporal terms, he fails to mention the eternal death awaiting for those who support or participate in abortion, homosexual marriage, birth control, etc. and remain unrepentant. All of these things Biden supports as a "Catholic."

Sometimes there are wolves in sheep's clothing and sometimes, the wolves don't even bother disguising themselves.


3rd degree Knight

Poplarville, Miss.

Letters: Priest says Biden more pro-life than Trump, in broadest sense