I am always struck by the contradiction in conservative philosophy which advocates less government involvement unless it has to do with controlling women's bodies or LGBT rights.

This was evident again in state Sen. Katrina Jackson's letter on Oct. 21 in which she states that Amendment 1 (on the current ballot) "simply keeps abortion policy in the hands of our legislators.”

She prefers this rather than allowing women and their families to make the very personal decisions about abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and the possibility of death of the woman.

Ask yourself when you are facing your own death, or that of your wife/daughter/sister/niece due to complications from a pregnancy, do you prefer that decision rest in the hands of our legislators? If you, your wife/daughter/sister/niece is raped, do you prefer that our legislators determine what decisions you can make?

If you want to keep the government out of your personal decisions on these matters, make sure you vote against Amendment 1.


clinical social worker

New Orleans

Letters: Amendment 1 is common ground for Louisiana, for mothers and babies