This is in reply to Eileen Breslin advocating for socialized medicine. To quote Breslin, "We need to embrace some enlightened advice from progressives who recognize that our time on earth is limited. So, why can't we pay forward for our demise; pay higher taxes for socialized and secure end-of-life care so we can leave our savings to our children?"

Letters: Considering price of nursing homes, why not socialized medicine?

Does Breslin stop and think that after the higher taxes to pay for socialized medicine and other progressive programs, she won't have any savings to pass along to her children? She won't have any say in what nursing home her mother goes to or what care she gets; the decisions will be made by the government.

I can never understand why there are people so willing to consign their life decisions to the government. I am 75 years old. I saved, not to give my money to a child but to be able to take care of myself. If there is any money left after I am gone, then that money can go to my child, but asking others to pay for her mother's or her care so she can leave what money she might be able to save to her children is selfish.

Tom Madere