For many years, I've read comments about guns and more laws against them like the one recently written by Ellen Bander.

I just had to answer as I can't stand all of the misinformation that they contain. They only repeat what they have read or heard with out any facts to qualify them. I'm 70 years old and a former law enforcement officer and POST firearms instructor. You must fill out the same forms at a gun show as you do at any other place that sell firearms. The seller then calls in your info, and you may pass or fail. I've failed three times while I was an active duty cop and had to wait three days before picking up the gun. You cannot buy a gun online and have it delivered to your home. Show me where that is done. You have to have the gun sent to a legal gun dealer and again, fill out the forms and pass the background check. Every person who buys a gun through legal channels must fill out the forms and pass the background check.


Blood River Baptist Church Pastor David Collins, in the sanctuary at the church in Albany, Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. The church is forming a security team, in wake of the recent deadly mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and handful of members, many of whom are hunters, ranchers or law enforcement officers, will get their concealed carry permits to bring their guns into church, and also take a tactical training course being offered by the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office.

We live in a world that is full of crime and very bad, disturbed people, and outlawing guns will make it worse, not better. What about the cases where a legally armed person shot and killed the bad guy and saved the lives of many who would be dead, had they not been there? We have members of our churches in Livingston Parish who are taking firearms courses so that they may protect themselves from these persons who would kill them while they were at worship.

Contact anyone in Australia where they outlawed guns. I hope a legally armed person is close if you need help.

David Shultz