My interest is always piqued by a letter signed by a “professor,” because I can be reasonably certain that it will be filled with fuzzily thought-out claptrap and jibber-jabber. Robert Kraemer’s recent rant, “NRA doesn’t care about gun deaths,” (Jan 4) did not disappoint.

The main purpose of the Second Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution is to ensure that the United States is able to maintain a standing army of citizen soldiers to protect us against an abusive or oppressive government. It was not enacted to assure hunters of their right to carry guns. It certainly was not enacted to guarantee the mentally deranged the right to mow down theaters full of people or classrooms full of children.

It will be that oppressive government, however, that finally succeeds in destroying our right to “keep and bear arms,” so be careful what you wish for.

Do I have answers on how to diagnose and treat mental illness? I am not a psychologist. I’m not a psychiatrist. We do have adequate information from professional profilers to be able to guess who might be in need of help in that direction. We need a way to see that those people get the help they need.

Taking our guns away will not solve the problem. Lunatics who wish to take human lives will find a way to accomplish that end, no matter how many of us law-abiding citizens comply with anti-gun legislation. Murder is already against the laws of both God and man. If someone is intent on murder, do you think for one second he’s going to worry about whether his gun is legal?

We also need guns to protect ourselves and our homes and families. Home invasions are unfortunately becoming a common crime. Two of my granddaughter’s friends were recent victims. Thank God they were not killed by the gun-toting “perp.” He stole their wallets and cellphones and left. If there’s a next time, they might not be so lucky. I hope they buy a gun of their own and learn how to use it properly.

Harriet O. ST. Amant

retired teacher

Baton Rouge