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Reading Danny Heitman’s recent article about thanking teachers was heartwarming and so essential for the teachers who make a difference in a student’s life.

My story: The youngest of my five children went to Archbishop Rummel High School, a Blue Ribbon School as chosen by the U.S. Department of Education, recognizing the school as one of the best in the nation. After graduation, my son was fortunate to be accepted by the University of Notre Dame.

Danny Heitman's 'At Random': Take the time to tell a teacher thanks

After the first semester, as a result of his preparedness in math, his professor asked him where he went to high school. My son replied, “Archbishop Rummel.” The professor asked where it was located. The reply: "Metairie, Louisiana." My son asked why he wanted to know this. The professor responded, ”You are one of the best-prepared students I have had since teaching math at Notre Dame."

Then the professor told my son:”The next time you go home, go to your high school, look for your math teachers, tell them what I told you, and be sure to thank them for the good job they did with you. My son went on to graduate magna cum laude from Notre Dame and was immediately hired by a Fortune 500 company in Chicago. As his mother, I, too, went to the school, sought out the math teachers, and thanked them for what they did for my son. You should have seen the smiles on their faces.

How apropos. Hope this will be an example for other well prepared students in our area.

Jean S. Rice

philanthropy consultant