One can separate the office of the president (institution) from the person who is the president (personal).

On the personal level, we can wish the president well as he deals with COVID-19, and hope that he has a speedy and full recovery. On the institutional level, we can see that President Donald Trump's dismissive, nonscientific and deceptive approach to the coronavirus has led to the illness of our country's chief executive, its first lady, at least two senators and other governmental officials — and perhaps many others whom those persons may have infected.

More importantly, Trump's personal infection underscores and demonstrates how his presidency's mismanagement of the coronavirus at the institutional level, as the leader of our country, has directly led to illness — not just to himself and his immediate entourage, but undoubtedly also to many of the 7.3 million people in our country who have fallen sick with COVID-19 and many of the 208,000 who have died from it.



New Orleans