The state of Louisiana needs to allot more funds to LSU. Period. From my personal experiences as a student, I know that many kids end up deciding to choose LSU based on scholarship availability as well as the overall affordability of the university for in-state residents. I am afraid that because of these budget cuts, not only will the students have to cover the rising costs of tuition, but the degree may not hold as much value as it did a decade ago. I say this because LSU has had to suspend their ambitions of expanding certain educational programs in their respected fields because of the lack of funds from the state of Louisiana. This coupled with the fact that there is a 75 percent undergraduate acceptance rate, makes it practically impossible for an employer to respect a degree from LSU as it is seen as one which “anybody can obtain.” Thus, the chances of finding a decent paying job are slim to none. I hope Gov. Edwards can revive the state of Louisiana through proposing common-sense education reform. We need it.

Nick See


New Orleans