The strangest-ever LSU basketball reunion heals an old man's heart

At a private reunion at LSU's basketball game Tuesday in Maravich Center, former Tigers' coach Dale Brown jokingly tries to grab the jacket of Vanderbilt alum Bob Dudley Smith just as Brown did 44 years ago when Smith jumped over a press table to break up a fight between LSU's Wade Evans (far left) and Vanderbilt's Jan van Breda Kolff (not pictured). The fight ended when Collis Temple (far right) dropped van Breda Kolff with a flying karate kick. (Ron Higgins)

The LSU Board of Supervisors should recognize Dale Brown by putting his name to the LSU basketball court.

It has been 22 years since he coached at LSU. It is time to act!

Not only did he bring LSU basketball back, he had four regular season SEC championships, two national Final Four appearances and was SEC coach of the year four times. He also sent numerous players to the pros. In addition to his many accomplishments on the court, he is a pillar in the community.

It defies logic that Brown’s name is not attached to the basketball court. Not sure what the delay is or why it hasn’t been done.

Why the court has not been named after Brown after all these years and all he meant to the basketball program is mind-boggling after what the board has approved recently and over the years. They continue to renew the contract of the women’s basketball coach even though she cannot get the program out of the bottom half of the SEC, attendance at games is dismal at best and the program loses over $4 million a year.

The board also approved a raise of $230,000 for the gymnastics coach. Admittedly the gymnastics program has done some good things, but let’s face it, there are only a handful of good gymnastics programs. What is the program doing this year after the raise? The gymnastics program loses over $2 million a year. So, what is the justification for a raise that nearly doubles the coach’s salary?

And a raise of about 114% was given to an athletic administrator. Who gets a 114% raise who does not bring in any revenue? And, finally, approval was given to put up a statue of a felon who also has his name in Tiger Stadium.

The above questionable spending brings up the board’s approval of increases in season tickets and the TAF Tradition Fund. Athletics bring in over $150 million and yet my season tickets and Tradition Fund goes up when other seats go down. There’s something wrong with this picture. As usual, the season ticket holders get the raw end. Plus, the athletic department is no longer contributing to university academics.

The Board of Supervisors should do the right thing. Name the basketball court after a very deserving Dale Brown.


retired manager

Baton Rouge