Kudos to Dan Fagan and his timely, accurate and long overdue article about the myth of oppression holding Americans back. It was so extremely on the mark that it should be made required reading in every high school class in the country. For too long now, race hustlers aided by the left wing mainstream media have been successful at convincing young American minorities that the deck is stacked against them, they don't have a chance and the law enforcement personnel who are really trying to help them are the enemy. Black-on-black crime is at epidemic proportions in most big cities, and the only objections made to this terrible nightmare are when law enforcement has to do its job and arrest criminals. Fagan's use of the quote by the brilliant black economist Walter Williams was especially appropriate.

Young Americans of all colors should know, as Williams said, it's impossible to be poor if you educate yourself, get a good job and raise a strong, stable family. Not rocket science, but a perfect prescription for success, and yet many left-wingers try to convince young people it's selling out. Fagan has it right. America gives everyone an opportunity to be successful, but the left-wing politicians and media want young people to believe they are entitled to a lavish lifestyle guaranteed. I just hope to read more of Fagan's ideas. He sees what's going on in the country and tells us what needs to be done to fix many of the problems created by a liberal mindset in politics and the media.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge