As an LSU alumnus who lives in South Carolina, I am glad Coach Les Miles is staying at LSU.

However, a press conference comment of his that aired on ESPN was in profound poor taste. “With four kids going to college,” Miles said, “I need a raise.”

In these tough economic times, it is insulting for someone who earns $3.6 million a year to even joke about needing a raise to send children to college. Too many people — many of them Tiger fans — are working just as hard as Les Miles while making a tiny fraction of his salary and barely making ends meet.

Paul “Bear” Bryant used to say that he never accepted a salary larger than the university president. Those days are gone, but hopefully the class and sensitivity Bear Bryant had for everyday people still exists.

Coach Miles should quietly accept his raise and count his blessings. He shouldn’t be flippant about it. It’s not funny.

Lee Mikell

professional fundraiser

Charleston, S.C.