Concerning Rolfe McCollister’s petition to open City Parck to all residents of Baton Rouge: I signed the petition.

I just moved back to Baton Rouge after living in the San Francisco area for five years. One of the aspects of living there that I loved the most was the incredible park system, hundreds of acres of open space not only in Golden Gate Park but also in Berkeley across the bay and in Silicon Valley.

It’s not only the residents who are fortunate enough to live near these amazing parks who can take advantage of the beautiful open areas with their hills and lakes — it’s any resident and visitor of the area.

I love Baton Rouge — I grew up here. But, after living in other areas of the country (also Boston with its Public Gardens) and seeing how the beauty of these areas is open to all, not a privileged few, I find myself thinking what a shame it is that City Park has not yet been transformed into a Central Park for Baton Rouge.

Since moving back to Baton Rouge, I have witnessed the progress made in making our city more cosmopolitan and vibrant and it has made my heart sing — now, let’s go one step more and make City Park into a park for all.

Paula Zimlicki


Baton Rouge