APTOPIX Texas Mall Shooting

People grieve during the Hope Border Institute prayer vigil Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019 in El Paso, Texas, a day after a mass shooting at a Walmart store. (Mark Lambie//The El Paso Times via AP) ORG XMIT: TXELP201

It’s insulting that Mitch Landrieu tells me on CNN I should stand up and let our leaders know that it’s not OK for my daughter to go to Walmart to get school supplies and get killed, as if they didn’t already know.

I presume Landrieu stood up and told his sister Mary Landrieu, our Democratic senator at the time, not to vote against banning assault weapons and large magazines as she did on April 17, 2013. That prompted Sen. Feinstein to lament “the lack of courage” of her own party. So much for “standing up.”

Mitch is quoted as saying “our political leaders have got to stop whatever it is they’re doing.”

As the scion of a wannabe political dynasty and lifelong politician, who now enjoys a national audience as a CNN political consultant, he knows more than anybody that politics is a numbers racket and getting votes to stay in power is the politicians’ play, at least that’s what he told my Institute of Politics class when he lectured us on the finer points of “catfish bait," i.e. chumming for votes. Like when Mary Landrieu boasted back in 2002 how often she voted with George W. Bush! Did I mention she also voted for the Keystone Pipeline to get elected in the 2014 failed attempt against Cassidy? But I digress.

The point is if our Blue leaders fail to do the right thing, what do you think the odds are our Red leaders will?

Politicians act out of self-preservation and fear. And until they fear us more than their corporate handlers, the NRA or their precious reputations, they are not going to do anything to stop the carnage.

When was the last time Mitch had lunch with Sens. Bill Cassidy or John Kennedy or Rep. Steve Scalise to let them know to enact meaningful gun control? As if they don’t read the polls that have unequivocally confirmed a large majority of Americans have wanted gun control for decades.

Unless you can compete with the millions in campaign donations from the NRA and the gun industry, you better just shut up, sit back with rest of us 99% and watch the slaughter on CNN continue.

That’s what our political leaders are doing, Mitch.

Vince Bowers

real estate investor

New Orleans

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