Letter: Recent flooding in Livingston Parish because of Tropical Storm Lee.

I heard several people say they have never seen water get to this level in Livingston Parish. Here is what I believe happened and will continue to happen each time a storm comes in.

First of all, new and more pumps were installed to save New Orleans because they are looking for handouts and will not leave when advised to do so. Also, water was pumped off Acension Parish into Blind River to spare Ascension. Both parishes started their pumps earlier than normal, trying to stay ahead of the predicted 24 inches of rain.

Now I come to this conclusion because one of my friends lives in Ascension with a small bayou in his backyard. He told me there is a certain level that the water normally gets into his yard before the pumps in Ascension are turned on; once they are turned on, he can watch the water recede slowly. He told me the water never got out of the bayou’s banks during Lee.

From what I heard on the news, the same thing occurred in New Orleans. So water was being pumped from both east and west sides of Livingston. The storm pushed in from the south, and large amounts of rain fell with no natural drainage because pumps were pushing water on Livingston Parish.

Do a little research, and I bet you will find this is the cause of the never-before-seen water in Livingston. However, it will become an issue each time there is a storm because the neighboring parishes are most likely patting themselves for a job well done by keeping their people dry.

Bob Stevens

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