The informative recent Advocate news article about the parent who was "incredulous" that her local elementary school was trying use students to urge their respective parents to pay overdue school cafeteria bill is, in the opinion of this Advocate reader, not the real story.

The real story is that the school system of St. Tammany Parish appears to have been carrying unpaid school cafeteria bill balances of the adult parents in the parish as the rest of the article outlines. Once again a government (education) agency demonstrates that it cannot or will not properly manage the necessary financial business for the organization.

I do agree with the parents that their children should not be used as the method for adults to pay bills. That is wrong and embarrasses the child.

It is the parents who should be embarrassed and I would suggest to the St. Tammany school system that they follow the practices of many various private agencies or organizations.

Cut up the scofflaw parents "cafeteria credit card" and have them pay cash at the beginning of each month. Or how about a surcharge on unpaid balances that are overdue.

If we believe that children are our first priority then this money to be paid should be the first payments each month in a family budget. I am flabbergasted the parent had to start a "Go-Fund-Me" account. Indeed.

John S. White

retired shipbuilder

Harahan, LA