32_Mother and Child--Mother and Child—Mother Teresa was speaking at a press conference when this small child interrupted her for a moment.  Mother Teresa grabbed the child and brought her in close to say a little prayer with her.

At a press conference, when this small child interrupted her, Mother Teresa grabbed the child and brought her in close to say a prayer with her, says photographer Marie Constantin.

In the late 20th century, while addressing the International Convention of the Knights of Columbus, Mother Teresa of Calcutta shook her crooked finger and said these profoundly prophetic words: "United States of America, as long as there is violence in the womb, there will be violence in your streets!" Let us objectively discern this statement from its beginning in 1973 to where we are now. Nine judges in black robes decided that the destruction of a human life is a matter of privacy.

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Yes, a human life. What else would a human being give birth to if not another human life? This gave legality to a man becoming the arbiter of life. We assumed a God mentality as to the sanctity of life. If a child is not safe in the human tabernacle (the mother's womb), where is it safe? No place on earth is.

Society has been seduced to value life of an unborn as dispensable. Why should mine or anyone's else be of greater value? Can you see how one can reasonably come to this conclusion?

There is no gun law that will change society's awareness of the sanctity of life. Could maybe adhering to God's command, "Thou shall not kill," be a better solution?

Leroy Boudreaux