After reading about the graffiti at the BREC Extreme Sports skate park, some questions came to mind.

Why are the officials at BREC punishing everybody for what one person did?

It’s really not BREC’s job to punish people or close the park until the culprit comes forward to fix or repair anything.

A similar thing happened at the BREC park on Winbourne. BREC did a great job of improving the park, sidewalks, playground, lighting, etc.

But after one incident in the park after dark, BREC changed the time of closing from 10 p.m., which was great, to sundown. Again, this is hurting many, many people because of one incident. By the time people get home from work at 5 or 6 o’clock and go to the park, it’s time for it to close! BREC, please stop trying to punish the people and start serving the people.

Ken Dillon

retired, real estate broker

Baton Rouge