The Advocate, in its June 21 editorial, “Yes, Black Lives Matter. Let’s Help the Progress,” states that the question of Black Lives Matter “isn’t up for debate” and that we all “must recognize as foundational, institutional and structural racism.”

I, for one, am always skeptical when any institution assumes that support for something as controversial as the BLM organization is not up for debate. For example, based on its website, one of Black Lives Matter's major objectives is to defund the police, which in my opinion is an absurd idea. I would be very concerned as to what alternative authority BLM would have in mind when it very quickly became apparent that criminality continued, if not increased.

Although the piece states “we have a groundswell of citizen support for significant changes with our justice system” it fails to provide any real data supporting the actual existence of institutional and structural racism requiring such significant changes.

The Advocate invites its readers to join it in supporting Black Lives Matter. In response, I would respectfully request The Advocate to provide the actual data it has relied on in making its assertion that we all must recognize as foundational, institutional and structural racism in the U.S., and, what Black Lives Matter “approaches, ideas and tactics” are those with which The Advocate states it may disagree.


retired attorney