As a social scientist, I understand the importance of learning and recognizing facts. Sometimes they are difficult to learn, but sometimes facts are clear.

The facts in the Senate trial of former President Donald Trump were clear about the "stolen election" falsehood he spread and continued to spread even though court decisions multiplied about the lack of evidence for such an allegation.

The facts were clear about the pressure and threats he gave to officials to change the outcomes of the election; about the summoning of a crowd on Jan. 6 to protest — and "fight" against — the election result; and about his lack of intervention when Congress and Vice President Mike Pence were endangered.

Although they probably do not represent all the Louisianans who voted for Trump in the last election, I understand that there are fervent followers who apparently support him regardless of what he does.

I commend Sen. Bill Cassidy's integrity and courage in standing for the facts and upholding his oath of office.



New Orleans