Last week, your paper reported on the closing of Shell’s Convent refinery. The article quoted a company spokesperson who explained that the closure was due to a global consolidation of refining facilities as the company transitions away from fossil fuels.

Raymond Cloninger’s letter to the editor of Nov. 11 inexplicably connects this worldwide movement of the oil industry away from fossil fuels to the Democratic Party and our newly elected president and vice president.

One must marvel at their awesome power! The truth, however, is not the team’s super-heroic strength. Joe Biden simply voiced what is already taking place: an international move by big energy companies toward alternative sources of energy. Cloninger should take a drive through neighboring Texas and admire the thousands of acres of wind farms that help power the state.

It is refreshing when a politician speaks the truth, rare as this has been lately. President-elect Joe Biden should be praised for presenting us with a dose of reality and Louisiana would be wise to listen and get on board with Big Energy rather than keep fighting a losing battle.


retired professor

New Orleans

Letters: Closed Shell refinery may signal future if Democrats get their way