After reading a letter to the editor by Megan Labbe from Jefferson, I am convinced she was raised in a liberal bubble. So, according to Megan, if we just banned all guns from the country, then we would no longer have this violence.

Megan, first of all, do you really, truly believe that all of the crooks, thugs, murderers and, yes, Islamic terrorists (that Barack Obama will allow into our country) will obey that law or will no longer be able to possess a gun? What you advocate will certainly never stop any gun violence; on the contrary, a law such as you propose would guarantee more violence and breed more thugs and lawlessness and, certainly, terrorism.

You talk about freedom, but little do you realize that under this regime, we are losing more freedoms by the day. I am thankful that I was raised by parents who did not shield me from the real world and taught me at a very early age what socialism was (back then the term was communism). Megan, it’s sad you know nothing about history, when societies were first disarmed then were ruled over by murderous dictators and denied every freedom you could imagine — is that the America you wish to live in?

Evil-minded people aren’t going to walk in to some federal agency or some law enforcement agency and say, “OK, I heard about the new law banning guns, so here’s mine. Please take it.” Do yourself a favor, Megan, and study some WWII history, read the Federalist Papers. We, the law-abiding citizens, will not surrender our freedom, guns or anything else to the whims and agendas of the liberal left.

In closing, I must say your belief that banning guns will stop gun violence or any other crime against a moral society is like saying if we ban food then nobody will die from diabetes.

G.T. Barrow

maintenance worker

Baton Rouge