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A billboard put up by the Baton Rouge Union of Police can be seen on College Drive near Interstate 10, July 16, 2020, in Baton Rouge.

In the July 17 Advocate, there is an article addressing the billboards put up by the police union and attacked by Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome as follows: “The union clearly is not serious about making Baton Rouge a better place to live, if they were, they could have donated the money spent on these billboards to anti-violence programs in Baton Rouge.”

Really? Seems to me they are the anti-violence program that is sorely underfunded and not given the backing by the city's leaders that they should be. In my opinion, if they had more backing from the mayor’s office and the chief of police himself they could perform their duties more efficiently and not let the criminal element dictate how poorly our fair city looks in the eyes of the good law-abiding citizens.

There is not a day that goes by without multiple crimes reported in The Advocate and other local media. When the officers attempt to do the job that is expected of them, they are met with ridicule and derision and empathy is afforded the very criminals they are trying to protect us from. There once was a time that I can remember not even having to lock your front door (Really? Yes, really). Those times are long gone and are never to return. We seem to be headlong into a chasm of despair with no hope of righting the ship at least as long as so-called leaders like Broome have their way.


retired regional sales manager

Baton Rouge