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Voting signage is posted outside of a polling place on Bunker Hill Drive, Saturday, August 15, 2020, in Baton Rouge, La.

When we buy beer at the supermarket or a cocktail at a restaurant, we are asked to show our identification, no matter our obvious age. When entry is sought into certain venues, we are asked to show our identification.

These things are done in our quest for entertainment and personal desires. Access is never given without proof of identification. These are the rules and this is done to prevent abuse of this access.

Voting has much greater importance than entertainment and should not be easier than buying a beer. As concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to vote according to the rules by presenting our identification to gain entry to cast our vote.

Following the rules gives us the greatest confidence that our vote is being counted properly. Sending mail-in ballots to every person listed on voter rolls does not make for proper proof of identification necessary to cast a vote. Did the person whose name is listed on the mail-in ballot receive the ballot? Did the same person whose name is on the ballot cast the ballot and mail it in? It is rife with potential for abuse. Under such a cloud, every election can be contested.

It is understandable how COVID-19 gives soft cover to garner easier access for voting, but is it justifiable for most voters? Walmarts, Home Depots and so many other businesses see multitudes of people doing their shopping while intermingling with personnel and other patrons every day. They simply follow protocols for entry such as wearing a mask and social distancing. These same protocols should suffice for this most sacred act of citizenry — voting.

For those leery of possible crowds in polling places on Election Day, there is always abundant opportunity to personally vote early during a designated time-frame in advance of the election.

If someone is too old or compromised beyond ability to vote in person, absentee voting procedures allow for such exception. However, it has to be requested by the voter. Assistance by a family member should help with this procedure if such voters are unable to do this on their own. Responsibly asking for an absentee ballot in advance of the election, to allow sufficient time to receive it in the mail and mail in the vote, would provide ample assurance the vote is cast properly with identification.

The people should not be offered easier access to vote. Presenting proper identification before casting a vote in person is the most assured way to maintain confidence in any election. This is especially critical for the upcoming presidential election.


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