President Donald Trump holds a rally Friday, October 11, 2019, at the Civic Center in Lake Charles, La.

Once again, Michael Hale wrote a letter to your newspaper that made no sense, and your newspaper published it. He is the most conspiracy-driven man in Louisiana and perhaps the United States.

I'll ask him and anyone else to name a specific crime Donald Trump has committed to warrant impeachment. Russian collusion has been debunked. Reading the transcript of his call to the Ukraine has proven there was no quid pro quo. Even the man he was talking to admitted that. Name the crime. And being a "bad guy" is not illegal. If it were, there would probably be only two people left in Washington D.C.

Letters: Maybe Trump is trying to leave the White House

I do not think any person in the world, no matter how big a narcissist they are (and Trump is that) would be willing to be put through what he has gone through these last three years and want to do it again if he were not serious about the job. I feel the Dems are going down a rabbit hole that will cost them dearly in November 2020. All Trump has accomplished has been without any help from the Democrats.

The tax break did add to our national debt, but not at the rate Barack Obama added to it in his term. Need a reminder? He doubled the debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. I also remember people skewering George W. Bush for getting us in a war that never ends, and asking when would he bring our boys home. Barack Obama did nothing to do that. In fact, he disregarded ISIS as a "JV team."

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All Donald Trump did was squash ISIS. Ask yourself how long must the United States be the world's police? We could use those soldiers at the southern border to protect Americans. I know that is something the Dems do not believe in, since the United States is an "evil" country because we believe in protecting our borders.

Immigration, not illegal immigration. And if I remember correctly in one of the debates with Hillary Clinton, he took flack for not saying he would accept the election results when she proudly claimed she would. We now know how that promise was broken and still continues to be broken. Your side lost. Face it. Admit it. And work with this president to help fix this country, not tear it apart. It just gives credence to the fact that the Dems hate this president more than they love this country.

Jim Munn

office manager