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LSU President F. King Alexander addresses the graduates during LSU's Main Commencement Ceremony for Spring Graduation in the PMAC Friday May 10, 2019, in Baton Rouge, La.

Under the leadership of President F. King Alexander, the 2019 LSU graduating class is by far the most unique in the history of LSU. It is the largest spring graduating class, which includes 57 parishes, 47 states, and 63 nations. It has the most African American graduates in its 159-year history, most Hispanic graduates in history, and most Asian Americans in history. That is gigantic progress and should make us all proud.

I love LSU, Baton Rouge and Louisiana and always feel bad when I read or view all the negative comments about our beloved state. The tendency nowadays is to accentuate the negative and diminish the positive.

Here is something we should all accentuate: Great professors, superb leadership, and alumni involvement have made this happen. The only leaders qualified to lead are those who have learned to serve. What I have heard from the students and witnessed myself on the litany of things Alexander has personally done for numerous students vividly displays to me that he is a true servant leader.

We all are worn out from all the bickering and divisiveness we see in our national political arena every day, and we must understand that labels divide us instead of uniting us. Teamwork is imperative to make a successful community, business, government, country, or team. When we put aside our petty differences, progress is made. The letters LSU should stand for LOVE, Sacrifice and Unity. The best potential of me is we.

Dale Brown

former LSU basketball coach

Baton Rouge