Whom can we trust?

In 2008, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., assured us voters that, if elected president, he would provide us with “hope and change.” In July, in a CBS News interview, President Barack Obama observed that the mailing of Social Security checks would be jeopardized if the debt limit fight were not resolved by Aug. 2.

My dear friend depends on this monthly check for most of her income (less than $400 after a deduction for Medicare Part B health insurance). This is not the “change” this 79-year-old lady hoped for.

An article published in The Advocate on July 18 (“Voters weigh in over debt”) states that the U.S. government owes itself $4.6 trillion, mostly borrowed from Social Security revenue.

It is my understanding that Social Security revenue from employers and employees is remitted to Social Security and used as needed to cover the monthly payments for retirees.

The secretary of the treasury and President Obama should be notified well in advance of a shortfall so an optimum plan for a partial payment of these “borrowed funds” from the Social Security Trust Fund could take place as needed without delay.

It is especially hard for elderly retirees living from payday to payday to have a happy retirement when they don’t know when the next payday will occur.

If political “blame games” are to be played, let them be played in another arena.

Vernon L. Stricklane

retired state employee

Baton Rouge