The recent outrage from the Middle East regarding the burning to death of a Jordanian pilot sickens the soul of decent human beings. I would think that true members of the Islam faith would follow the Roman Catholic idea that we are here to help one another and express that feeling to the errant brothers and sisters of their religion.

Perhaps the USA took the lid off the Middle East when we invaded Iraq. But that lid was bound to come off at some point.

The clamor for invasion from the Republican side of the aisle in Congress isn’t getting anywhere because we are a war-weary nation.

We should, however we can, act to decimate ISIS without putting thousands of men at risk with their boots on the ground as we already have in two wars.

The sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, the Baathists of Syria and the many misguided souls who’ve traveled to the Middle East should examine their consciences and ask their God to send them the true meaning of their religion.

By the way, I continue to enjoy the expansion of your paper into New Orleans. Its coverage is fine, thoughtful and right on time.

Bob Crowley


New Orleans