A recent letter called for our schools to no longer teach theories such as evolution, creationism or intelligent design in our public schools. Others call for the teaching of all these theories.

Again, many have missed the point. We must teach science to our children. Science includes building theories to explain the data. In science class, different theories should be taught based on the evidence for each. In this case, there is great scientific evidence for evolution. There is zero scientific evidence for creationism and intelligent design, which fail to meet the criteria to be considered scientific concepts.

If a school is private and thus may teach religion, teaching creationism and intelligent design is acceptable. Hopefully science and religion are not confused there. We are concerned about our public schools, which are prohibited from teaching religion by our Constitution.

Evolution is within science.

Creationism and intelligent design are within religion.

Maybe more important than teaching our children biology is teaching them the difference between science and religion, as it is obvious that too many of our citizens haven’t learned the difference.

Tom Hannie

retired psychologist

Baton Rouge