If Mr. Gill wishes to provoke a meaningful debate about gun control in Louisiana and the country in general, he grossly missed his mark with the rambling nonsensical garbage published in The Advocate on Oct. 5.

The fictional narrative not only presented no logical arguments for responsible gun control, it was insulting to the citizens, leaders and business owners of Port Allen.

It goes without saying that Mr. Gill knows exactly what his best option is if he finds America’s Second Amendment rights so reprehensible that he can’t bear to live (or dine) amongst us: He can simply go back to his native land of England and print offensive propaganda about his own countrymen.

Mr. Gill, Bergeron’s Restaurant does not serve biscuits.

In the future, please get to know the communities you are belittling — but that would require you leaving New Orleans.

Cheers, mate.

Brent Mancuso

process tech