Why does Lafayette Square have no statue or monument to the Marquis de Lafayette?_lowres

The Marquis de Lafayette.

James Gill was right to point out how our modern iconoclasts lack the charity of forgiveness. St. Paul set out to destroy Christians before he became one; the Mohawk who put a tomahawk into Isaac Jogues' skull too, later, became a Christian. The French Foreign Ministry has compiled a list of 20,000 French soldiers and sailors who fought in the American Revolution, of whom some 2,112 were killed. The cost of the war to the government of King Louis XVI was half-a-trillion dollars in today's money. Yet the only one whose name we now remember is Lafayette.

How sad that a city founded by the French would so insult the man whose name embodies France's enormous contribution to the creation of our Republic. Yes, Lafayette, like many men of his time (including, God help us, many free people of color) once owned slaves. But he later became an ardent abolitionist.

Our modern reformer seems unaware that one puts up statues and names schools for people because of what they did right, and not for their mistakes. And in his intractable self-righteousness, he so hotly hounds the sins of his foes that he forgets that the potential for evil also lies within himself.

The career of "The Incorruptible," Robespierre, did not end well.


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