If approved this casino will be an economic disaster for our Slidell community. This corporate sponsor, Peninsula Pacific Entertainment has, what appears to me to be a really unattractive management track record. I seriously question the motivation of the elected officials from this area who seem to have an incestuous relationship with the casino sponsors. Some of the more vocal are reported to have family members who work for PPE as paid lobbyists. Somehow that just don't seem right, especially given that at least one  of our elected servants, possibly more, who have kinfolk who lobby for PPE, was reported to have cast the deciding vote as PPE would have wished.

PPE appears to me to be desperate to  saddle our community with an enormous burden by hanging this albatross around our necks. They are spending a fortune on mailings and other forms of advertisements to con us into buying into this squirrely goofball program. Many of the politicians on the St. Tammany Parish Council who reside in areas other than Slidell were all too anxious to support a casino at this end of the parish. After all, the traffic snarls, increased crime and heavy toll on our quality of life will have little effect on their neighborhoods.

Casinos make huge profits by snapping up  the paychecks of hard working workers, and by extension, their wives and children, with a promise of huge winnings that are pretty much a pipe dream. They almost always leave a financial, spiritual and emotional mess in any community in which they operate, for we the taxpayers to clean up. 

Slidell is a great place to live and raise a family. We who live here once before were asked to vote on casino gambling in our town and we refused to buy into this get-rich-quick-scheme. The casino sponsors along with their carefully chosen political allies believe the time is now right to saddle us with this social and economic nightmare.


retired, quality engineer