New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees addressing his relationship with the LGBT community.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees addressing his relationship with the LGBT community in a short Instagram video.

The opening statement in Drew Brees’ response (“Brees clarifies stance”) suggests he is deliberately trying to distort proven facts. He claims people were led to believe “that somehow I was aligned with an organization that was anti-LGBTQ.” Your article fails to get Brees to address the inaccuracy of his comment.

“Focus on the Family” certainly is without a doubt an anti-LGBTQ organization. By making the “Bible” video, he aligned himself, willingly or not, with the group. Brees should be asked to address this distortion in a follow-up report. Here are some additional suggested questions:

Will Brees’ newly discovered awareness about the hate group prompt him to publicly disavow his many years of quiet support for the organization? Since his Instagram response clip was so brief, would he consider recording a much lengthier and more detailed video that specifically condemns “Focus on the Family” and similar so-called “Christian” organizations? Will he become a more vocal advocate for groups such as GLAAD that work to expose the anti-LGBTQ agendas of such groups?

Does he publicly support the NFL player who recently announced he’s bisexual, in part to send a message to troubled LGBTQ youngsters? 

The bottom line is that it’s simply not enough for Brees to claim ignorance about the true objectives of “Focus on the Family.” It’s your job to ask the tough questions, no matter if the target is a corrupt politician or a beloved quarterback. You need to continue to hold Brees’ feet to the fire regarding his lukewarm and misleading response. His words about “loving the Lord” are a nice gesture, but next he should be asked if he’s willing to take meaningful steps to reinforce his statement.

To put it another way, fans who are profoundly disappointed in Brees now demand and expect action, not just words. It’s also worth noting that when it comes to hate groups like “Focus,” silence equals complicity. Sadly, history teaches us that staying neutral on issues of human rights always aids the aggressor, not the victims. In this case, the victims are members of the LGBTQ community who’ve suffered decades of irreparable harm because of hate groups like “Focus on the Family.”

Robert Brennan


New Orleans