An alternative view to Vic Hummert, letter to the editor, May 30, Fracking would alarm Cousteau.

First, let me say that environmentalists, along with liberal politicians, have been looking for alternative fuels for the past 25 years, and have spent billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and to date they've accomplished very little, if anything.

The electric car is joke, and the only one buying them is GM. Windmills produce a small fraction of what we need, and ethanol is proved to be inefficient and cost prohibitive. The only one benefiting from ethanol is Archer Daniels Midland and people such as Al Gore.

So what's left?

Of course there's the new-age technology of converting restaurant grease trap waste into fuel. Unfortunately, you would need to have a restaurant every 10 feet on the interstate.

Regarding fracking, just to set the record straight, they have been fracking for 60 years and have drilled hundreds of thousands of wells, and guess what? The planet is still alive and well.

The choice between air or oil is a false choice, as it's obviously apparent that we can have both.

As for global warming, for every scientist that predicts global warming there are as many who claim it is nonexistent.

Yes, we need clean air, but we also need energy independence and national security, both of which can only be secured with drilling for existing natural resources as opposed to spending billions of dollars importing from Third World countries.

Drill here. Drill now.

Roder Russo

oil and gas