Now that Joe Biden has surrendered billions of American dollars in assets and military equipment to the enemies of freedom in Afghanistan and cost and endangered the lives of countless innocent people in that country, what do he and his advisers have planned for the future?

Our enemies around the world now know this man and his advisers will not stand and defend our friends. If China or Russia moves to take one of their neighbors will Biden look the other way again?

The families of the young Americans who gave their lives and were wounded in Afghanistan must be livid over the events of the past few weeks and rightly so. To see their family members' sacrifice become wasted must be a terrible burden to bear. The waste of lives and assets is a terrible stain on America's reputation as the guardians of freedom and the endangering of our allies' freedom may drive them into the arms of our enemies.

The debacle in Vietnam was hard to take, but there never was a threat that it would expand further than that nation. What has happened in Afghanistan may spread throughout the Middle East and this Biden administration may stand by and just watch again.


retired sales representative

River Ridge