Regarding the proposed bill that would improve sex education in school, I strongly feel as though it should be passed.

The Real Education for Healthy Youth Act would provide money for sex education training and will make sure all the information taught is accurate. It also would give grants for sex education programs to include information for LGBT students.

I see no problem with this and feel no one else should, especially if it is providing education for students. Currently, the sex education that is taught in schools is limited, and not all the information taught is accurate. This results in a numerous amount of problems.

If parents do not feel the need to teach their children about sex education, and if they are not taught it at school, how should teens learn this information? The simple answer is they don’t.

Without this crucial information, it cannot be expected of teens to know all the risks.

By including information for LGBT students, it really provides them with knowledge that they may be too scared to learn about. It is not a valid argument to proclaim that “gay sex is immoral” because, just like everyone else, gay people are humans and have the right to learn about sex education.

Suzy Ascuitto


New Orleans