Kudos to Gerry Villavaso for the letter "trumping" up Trump's outspokenness.

In spite of questionable character at times and a tendency for exaggeration, Donald Trump was unafraid to speak his mind on any and all political and cultural matters. Far too many on the left have failed to see it is this outspokenness that attracted so many voters. The left and many media outlets conveniently forget close to half of the country supported Trump.

The Facebook comments on the Advocate's letters to the editor are filled with rants about the "fascist Trump supporters." I see only personal attacks and insults. Never is there an honest discussion of ideas.

A very sizable portion of adults in this country are tired of being called names and feeling bullied by a very outspoken and small group of activists on the left. I believe a great many, perhaps even a majority of the Trump voters' support is fearlessness in the face of this activism far more than the man himself or his political views.

The boring GOP candidates of the last couple of decades have done little to push back the activist left. The moderate and right-leaning people in this country are looking very hard for a leader on the national stage that will have the courage to stand up for the rights and freedoms every citizen of the United States of America is entitled to.




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