Election 2020 Biden

President-elect Joe Biden speaks Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del.

Public confidence and representative voter participation in our electoral process is critically essential to the effective operation of our democratic form of government.

These baseless self-interest motivated allegations of election fraud asserted by groups of ambitious politicians eager to tap into a defiant right wing base is not only a direct affront upon the integrity of our enduring legitimate self-government, it's a cause aimed at disenfranchising the valid votes of millions of Americans simply because they voted for a Democratic presidential candidate.

In light of the ongoing national threat imposed by the pandemic, this country is in dire need of unified effective leadership and decisive action. This is certainly not the time to inject delays and instability in the national leadership transition process. Creating counterproductive delays weakens our country's ability to effectively fight and eradicate COVID-19. 

Other far-reaching consequences of this ploy is the clear and present harm to our democratic institutions and the weakening of the moral authority of the United States by undermining the appeal and cause of democracy worldwide.

President Donald Trump and his allies have filed over 60 lawsuits. Courts across the nation have rejected every claim of voter fraud. No court has found even a single instance of voter fraud. Several of the court hearings were presided over by Trump appointees. U.S. Homeland Security officials have called the recent presidential election the most secure presidential election in U.S. history.

I urge those who have chosen to indulge in this unjustified affront for the obvious purpose of placating a defiant base, to consider the long-lasting consequences of their short-term politically motivated effort. These exclusively politically motivated pursuits only serve to breed disunity as well as distrust of the binding principles of our democracy. We move into an unfortunate set of circumstances when truth no longer matters, facts no longer matter and the legitimate rulings of our legally establish court system doesn't matter.

Committed public servants lead from the front by enlightening their constituents on realistic scenarios and credible facts, not from behind by being complicit and yielding to popular misperceptions or misbeliefs in order to garner approval, support and in this instance, political capital.


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