The Feb. 11 letter to the editor “State agents sold Southern University campuses,” is misleading.

Southern University is fortunate to have EOServe as an educational partner. Ours is a unique and transparent agreement that took a year to negotiate, was vetted by numerous attorneys, approved by the SUS Board, and is strategically critical to Southern’s success. Despite our depleted budgets, financial exigency, operational challenges and political exposure, EOServe is betting its resources on Southerrn’s future. It believes, as many of us do, that Southern is important to the future of the state and nation, and is working with us to regenerate Southern as a model system of higher learning.

Anyone interested in the facts about the EoServe educational partnership can go to or

This portal has been available for several months. Every question that has been asked is answered in writing. I have also offered to walk interested parties, including Professor Diola Bagayoko and the SUBR Faculty Senate leadership, through the terms of the contract at their convenience. It is a standing offer that neither of the mentioned parties has accepted.

Clearly, the transformation process is not an easy one. We have daunting work as we reshape and modernize the only historically black college and university system in America. For Southern to achieve its full potential, we need a unified effort of our faculty, students, staff, alumni, board and valuable assistance from the strongest possible partners.

Ronald Mason Jr., president

Southern University System

Baton Rouge