The current debt debacle exposes the federal government for the bloated and ravenous beast it is.

Washington politicians are using tactics of fear and threats to subdue an irate and disgruntled citizenry that wishes to see real reform from the Capitol.

Unfortunately, I believe our representatives will fail to realize our pressing concerns for true budget reform.

Both parties are resolved to cling to, and feed, their innumerable pet projects, bestow tens of billions of dollars of public money on their corporate influences in the form of subsidies and fund incessant warfare across the globe.

In the end, more promises will be broken, more crippling debt will be assumed and the nation will be shuttled ever closer to economic ruin.

Nothing will change for the better.

Soon, Democrats and Republicans will sit down to steak and martini dinners and congratulate each other on getting virtually everything they wanted in the first place, and deceiving and strong-arming the American public in order to achieve it.

Let your representatives know that we are tired of their dramatics and conniving, but we are not too weary to fire the charlatans next year.

Alexander Bass

retail manager

Baton Rouge