Government Shutdown Trump

President Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office of the White House as he gives a prime-time address about border security Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2018, in Washington. (Carlos Barria/Pool Photo via AP)

President Donald Trump reminds me of a spoiled, immature, petulant rich kid who didn’t get the exorbitantly expensive Christmas present he wanted and is now throwing a tantrum. If Trump’s wall idea made sense, Republicans controlled the entire Congress for the first two years of Trump’s presidency, and legislation funding the wall would have been enacted. Even the Republicans in Congress, though they grovel at Trump’s feet and maintain a shameful silence, know the wall is an impractical absurdity.

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Trump’s wall would not stop terrorists and cartel-connected drug runners from entering the United States. Those bad folks would fly over, tunnel under or ram through the wall. Or they might choose to cross at the 3,987-mile long Canadian border, 99 percent of which is unguarded. Or they have their choice of our 5,743 miles of seacoast, 99 percent of which is unguarded. The wall will stop desperate Central American asylum-seekers, many of whom are women and children. There are also millions of animals on the U.S. side that depend on the Rio Grande for their drinking water. This is largely desert country. Trump doesn’t care a bit about their fate. Do you?

Trump has not exhibited the slightest care, concern or compassion for the 800,000 federal workers impacted by the absolutely unnecessary shutdown. He even has the audacity to require that many of them work without pay. The Congress needs to end the shutdown, overriding Trump’s veto if necessary. The future of our great country is at stake.

John Engelsman

retired lawyer

Baton Rouge