Lawrence Uter expresses displeasure with this newspaper's editorial support of Bill Cassidy’s infrastructure bill vote.

The basis that he uses to refute the inference is flawed. It remains to be seen if the bill is good for the entire country. I am hopeful that investing in our infrastructure will pay dividends tangible and intangible for all Americans.

I assume that Uter’s reference to inappropriate items is that there is some “pork” in the bill. To paraphrase the great line in Casablanca, “I am shocked to find out that politicians would do such a thing!”

Regarding his mentioning the GOP “alternative” bill, it reminds me of their replacement medical insurance bill. Seriously?

While I do not always agree with the senator, I credit him for a great deal of courage and personal integrity. He has paid a heavy price for some of his positions since Jan. 6.

As far as the Louisiana delegation is concerned, there was no upside to voting for the bill. Why take the blowback? I will bet that said delegation members will be pictured at a groundbreaking for projects that result from this bill. Any takers?


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Port Allen

Letters: Bill Cassidy's vote supported bloated bill that will increase national deficit