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The scene of a fatal, fiery wreck on I-10 at the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

In a recent edition, the headlines discuss lowering the speed limit on the Basin Bridge because of the terrible accident that happened last month.

I drive the bridge regularly for work and have noticed there is no enforcement of the speed limits that exist on the bridge now, and they do not enforce the rule about trucks driving in the right lane.

Letter to editor: After fatal wreck, Atchafalaya Basin Bridge speed enforcement would help safety

When the speed limit for trucks was first lowered to 55 and they were supposed to stay in the right lane, it must have been enforced because in general, they followed the posted signs.

I-10 West over Atchafalaya Basin reopens after fatal crash with tankers, trucks

I have been on the bridge when an 18-wheeler exceeding the speed limit drove the entire length of the bridge in the left lane. One recent morning, I drove to Lafayette and watched the trucks driving in the left lane and exceeding the speed limit again. As I was driving, I was going 65 in the left lane and had an 18-wheeler in front of me and one behind me and was passed on my right by a third one. At that point, I thought there is going to be another terrible accident, and that afternoon, it happened.

I don’t think officials need to lower the speed limit since it won’t help if they don’t enforce it. They simply need to enforce the speed limit they have and ticket the truckers who drive in the left lane.

Judy P. Foust

court reporter

Baton Rouge