Regarding the “shocked” article recently written by Dan Fagan, I do hope he has recovered and that there will be no lasting negative effects about his original mistaken view of the governor’s election outcome. Fagan listed a number of “factors” that he said he had not considered prior to the election, one of which was that the Republican businessman ran a “feckless campaign.”

I would certainly agree with this. In my view, Eddie Rispone lost the election because he came before the Louisiana voters empty-handed and empty-headed which was in glaring contrast to the positive record and deportment of Gov. John Bel Edwards. Yet, in spite of Rispone having nothing to offer the electorate, except for the cliché that he would not continue to “kick the can down the road,” he lost by only 40,000 out of a total of slightly more than 1.5 million votes cast. This should leave the electorate with something to ponder.

Gordon Holcomb


Baton Rouge